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Plant Based Biodegradable Filter Mesh

PLAIN-T’s biodegradable tea sachet is created from a plant-based material. Thus, environmentally friendly. It is also a safe and non-toxic filter, containing no PET plastic or nylon. The sachet, tag, and string are attached using an ultrasonic process with no glue. The “Soilon” material is derived from corn starch and can be composted completely.

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PLAIN-T’s commitment to quality is expressed through our constant quest for excellence and is embedded into every facet of our business of delivering distinct products and services.


1. A safe and non-toxic filter, not comprised of plastic or nylon.

2. No usage of glue.

3. Completely biodegraded when disposed in soil.

4. Suitable for various leaf teas because of it’s excellent permeability.

5. Antibacterial and anti-fungus.

6. Contained no hazardous substances such as endocrine disruptors.

7. Does not generate hazardous gases such as dioxin.

8. Recyclable and environment-friendly product.