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The origins of oolong are claimed in both China and Taiwan and the tea is still highly revered in both countries today.
Plain-T considers Oolong the "rosé" of Teas, as it falls into its own category between Black and Green teas.
Oolong gives off fragrances compared to peaches, apples, and orchids, containing mild, smooth, and sweet notes.
With a caffeine content of approximately 50mg per cup, Oolong Teas offer a mellow boost along with several health benefits.
They are well-worth discovering!

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  1. no.301 Formosa Dung Ti Oolong

    no.301 Formosa Dung Ti Oolong


    This exceptional tea also known as Jade Oolong comes from Nantou in Taiwan. It has a very special and secretive production. The leaves are well twisted and hand rolled. The taste is mellow, soft with a sweet character. Learn More
  2. no.300 Formosa Pao Chung

    no.300 Formosa Pao Chung


    This is a very special tea from Pin Lin in the north of Taiwan. Slightly oxidized, almost a green tea. The infusion is pale golden yellow with a very delicate aroma. A top quality Oolong with mild character and a sweet flavor. Learn More
  3. no.310 Oolong Ti Kuan Yin

    no.310 Oolong Ti Kuan Yin


    A legendary oolong tea from the Fujian province of China. The leaves are tightly hand-rolled. Its production is very complex and time consuming. The cup has notes of walnut and a lingering floral (orchid) aroma. Learn More

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