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Green tea is considered to have originated in China but is now produced in other parts of the world, with enphases to Japan.
Green Tea is delicate and smooth. Its caffeine content is approximately 30mg per cup and tasting notes range from spicy, grassy, toasty to nutty, and creamy. Green Tea is said to be loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. 
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  1. no.600 Green Mint

    no.600 Green Mint


    This delicious and refreshing green tea has a natural mint flavor. A great digestive tea! Highly recommended as a dessert pairing! Learn More
  2. no.101 Lin Yun White Downy

    no.101 Lin Yun White Downy


    A grand cup of green Tea! An early spring specialty from the high mountains of Guangxi province. Called “white” by the Chinese simply due to its appearance. Experience the tender, curled leaf with white tips open into very long leaves that lend themselves to a light green cup and more than one steeping. Learn More
  3. no.902 Green Lemon Ginger Mint

    no.902 Green Lemon Ginger Mint


    This blend is comprised of the healthy properties of green tea, the deeply refreshing flavor or mint, pleasant citrus scent of lemon and pepper-spice scent of ginger. The result is a balanced, relaxing and healthy alternative. Learn More
  4. no.105 Jasmine Phoenix Pearls

    no.105 Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


    One of the most beautiful treasures in our World of Tea. This precious jasmine tea grows in the mountains of Southeastern China. A highly fragrant specialty; traditionally rolled by hand for over 100 years. The jasmine pearls fascinate by an incomparable sweetness with a most delicate jasmine flavor. A stunning display tea! Learn More
  5. no.104 Song Yang Ying Hou

    no.104 Song Yang Ying Hou


    This is a very high quality and rare tea from Zhejiang province produced in limited quantaties. The leaves are hand-rolled. The result is subtle, flowery and slightly nutty cup. Learn More
  6. no.100 Lung Ching

    no.100 Lung Ching


    A true specialty - Long, flat and large olive-green leaf. Rich full-bodied taste with a ripe and full character. Its fresh aroma can be enjoyed cold and warm alike. The result is an intense sweet-nutty aroma and a subtle chess nut flavor. A truly wonderful green tea with a wide appeal. Learn More
  7. no.102 Tai Ping Hou Kui

    no.102 Tai Ping Hou Kui


    This extremely rare and special tea of long single leaves is considered the highest-grade tea from the Anhui region. Although not officially a scented tea, the leaves absorb the scent of millions of orchids that grows wild in the mountains as the tea bushes are beginning to open their new buds. Picked in the early morning, each leaf is then pressed flat during the drying process. Mild soft taste with some sweetness, and a subtle orchid flavor. Learn More
  8. no.110 Huan Shan Green Mu Dan

    no.110 Huan Shan Green Mu Dan


    Very special hand-made tea from Anhui Province in China. Single tender green tea serving and buds neatly tied into beautiful roses by skilled artisans. Truly a work of art. Watch the beautiful serving come to life once placed in the water. One rosette is good for one cup and can be infused up to 3 times. The result is a mild and mellow refreshing taste. A stunning display tea! Learn More
  9. no.111 Lichee Nut Flower

    no.111 Lichee Nut Flower


    An exquisite high grade pure leaf white and green tea. Scented very subtly with jasmine blossoms, the early leaves and buds are hand formed into a lichee shape. When infused, these lichees blossoms into a beautiful bouquet of leaves releasing a pleasant sweet taste. Its beauty and aroma are enhanced when presented in wine glass cups or pots. Learn More
  10. no.103 Tian Mu Qing Ding

    no.103 Tian Mu Qing Ding


    Soft and small light jade green leaves, this exceptional tea from Zhejiang province of China is one of the best offers in our selection. Picked only two weeks each spring it is a smooth, sweet and mild taste with a nutty flavor. It can be infused multiple times. Learn More
  11. no.131  Gen Maicha

    no.131 Gen Maicha


    A true Japanese specialty! This exquisite tea is composed of sencha blended with partly roasted and popped shelled rice. The tea gets its own, "toasted" character from the rice. Soothing and mildly sweet! Learn More
  12. no.130 Finest Sencha

    no.130 Finest Sencha


    A brilliant dark green, relatively small leaf. This tea produces a bright pure infusion with a very elegant and mild character. It has a wonderful "clean flavor". A very fine tea, of absolute high quality. Learn More
  13. no.132 Gyokuro

    no.132 Gyokuro


    For certain, this tea is the noblest among the Japanese teas. A lot of elegance and a dark leaf of magnificent workmanship. Hand plucked once a year only in specific regions of Japan. Approximately three weeks before plucking this special tea, the bushes are shaded. Consequently, the reduced light results in a higher chlorophyll concentration in the tealeaves (which contributes to the intensive green color) and a lower tannin content giving the tea a sweeter milder flavor and fruity fragrance. For this reason the tea is also partly offered as "shadow tea". Early flavor impressions of pears and cream give way to a lively, pungent finish. Learn More
  14. no.604 Jasmine Green

    no.604 Jasmine Green


    Hand-picked from organic gardens in the Fujian region of China at altitudes of 800 meters the aromatic and liquor like bright green tea leaves undergo a process of scenting with organic Jasmine flowers. A process that repeats itself three times before the flowers are removed and the tea reaches its distinct mellow and natural sweet taste. Learn More

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