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Quallity Commitment

PLAIN-T’s commitment to quality is expressed through our constant quest for excellence and is embedded into every facet of our business of delivering distinct products and services. Our innovative approach to the tea drinking experience, along with the quality and excellence of PLAIN-T’s products is exemplified by our skilled artisans, who individually craft each of our selections in small batches. Our particular selection of top-producing estates, mindful of geographic location, nursery, cultivation methods and garden management are some of the criteria used to choose our suppliers.


Direct Purchase and Close Relationship with Suppliers

PLAIN-T views its relationship with gardens/producers as a partnership, one that works to provide outstanding products and services to our customers. PLAIN-T’s success is directly related to the gardens ideal conditions, suppliers and their employees’ well being and economic satisfaction. In harmony these factors produce outstanding teas.

A Conventional Tea Process

A conventional tea process is conducted for 100% of our teas. The fresh green leaves (two leaves and a bud) are gently hand- plucked (usually by women) and carefully handled throughout the entire process. Naturally this is a more costly method, but the only way to ensure the highest level of freshness and therefore the retention of the tea leaves true character and enriched benefits. Large volumes of the world’s tea production is conducted via CTC (C = crushing – T= tearing – C= curling) method, a machine base process, which produces tea of low grade or considerable inferiority.

High Standards of Inspection

From select estates and gardens around the world, PLAIN-T’s whole-leaf teas are sent to Europe where it undergoes strict analysis to ensure the absence of herbicides, pesticides and other chemical residue. After its regulation compliance the products are sent to Plain-T’s facility in America. The tranquility of knowing that we are offering our customers the highest quality and freshest products offsets the cost added to this two-step process.



From the tea gardens to our facility, the tea leaves are carefully packet and handled to preserve its qualities. Air tight containers are used to keep the freshness of the leaves.

Storage & Packaging

As a boutique company PLAIN-T prides itself in its ability to organically handle all of its storage and packaging functions. Our teas are stored under ideal conditions (away from light and humidity) to ensure freshness and quality. Following strict sanitation guidelines the teas are gently hand packed to our customer’s orders in 2, 4 oz and 1 pound bags and 15 pouches boxes. Fastening clips used to re-seal the opened pouches preserve the leave’s full body shape and therefore its original delicate character. All packages carry a label with brewing instructions to ensure superior brewing results.

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