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Jun 03 ,2018

Guests enjoyed tasting and learning about the tea’s health benefits.

Athletes are conscious about drinking tea but do they really know how beneficial it?  The PURE GREEN TEA offers a natural high caffeine content and it was the tea of choice prior to the high intensity spinning classes.  The RED (rooibos passion-fruit) provide a dose of hydration after the workout.   Learn more about PLAIN-T’s teas…

With the trend to fitness and wellness there is a growing need for natural beverages to refresh both body and soul.   The sports functional, performance enhancing, lab-created beverage industry is saturated with numerous research findings and popular sports magazines pushing all kinds of unhealthy energy drinks.  Some even claim that these drinks are absolutely essential to a successful workout.

PLAIN-T’S TEAS offers a natural alternative.  We are addressing the needs of nutrition, boost of energy, endurance enhancement, hydration and restoration  (post work-out recovery) with two of the most powerful and highest consumed ingredients in the world; Water & tea.Combined, the result is a 100% natural and hand-crafted (small batches) line of iced teas. It contains an unrivaled combination of water, caffeine, antioxidants and a natural source or hydration, essential minerals and electrolytes.

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