Tea & Health

Tea & Health

Premium Tea is considered one of the most natural, healthy and potent beverages…

PLAIN-T’s commitment to the well-being of its customers begins with the founder’s passion and belief in “Healthy Life-Style Choices”. Tea is one of the most natural therefore healthiest of drinks, and has the second highest global consumption of any beverage.

When you drink tea, you’re not only partaking in an age-old tradition, you’re helping your body as well. For centuries, tea has been associated with good health. Recent studies prove that tea’s healing benefits have a sound, scientific basis.

Our teas are completely natural. They contain no artificial coloring or preservatives. Many teas are virtually calorie-free also helping your body to maintain its fluid balance.

Studies show that drinking at least three cups of tea each day helps to:

Lower cholesterol
Burn calories
Reduce blood pressure
Thin blood
Enhance the immune system
Reduce the risk of heart attack
Reduce the risk of cancer
Boost the longevity
Smooth the digestion
Prevent cavities and gingivitis
Slow the aging process

Sound amazing? It is! Take a look at some of tea’s properties, which make it so laden with healthy benefits.
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