White Tea

The finest white teas come from the Fujian Province of southeast China. In early spring, the young leaves and buds are picked by hand the day before they open, while still covered with silky white hairs, and are simply steamed and dried without being rolled or fired. White tea has a subtle grassy flavor and virtually no caffeine. The absence of firing and shaping in the white tea process results in the many delicate shapes and unique tastes of white tea. Two other names for white tea are Silver Needles and Silver Rain, because of their resemblance to these delicate things.

A recent study found that the cancer-inhibiting polyphenols found in green tea appear in even greater concentration in white teas.

Brewing Instructions:

 TEMPERATURE: Pour 180° F water over the leaves.

 TIME: Steep white tea for 5-7 minutes.

PLAIN-T white teas are good for at least 3 consecutive steeping per serving. Note: Some steamed white teas should not steep for more then 2 minutes; your PLAIN-T consultant can fill you in.

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