Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh is a town in Yunnan, China, which was once famous for its tea trade. The term Pu-Erh does not refer to color (you’ll find black and green Pu-Erh teas), but to an unusual processing that lets the tea age and have a very long life. Actually, Pu-Erh is the only tea that gets better with age. Some better grades can be 50 years old!

Pu-Erh leaves are picked from very old trees, some reputedly as old as 1,800 years, and are withered like black and green teas. Still slightly moist, they are heaped in piles where a natural bacterium in the leaves creates a reaction. The leaf piles are constantly monitored to prevent excessive heat or moisture.

Green Pu-Erh leaves are partially fired to halt enzyme activity, and they’re slowly oxidized over time. Black Pu-Erh leaves are fully oxidized before firing, leading to a strong and distinctive flavor.

Pu-Erhs yield many health benefits, including the ability to lower cholesterol, reduce indigestion or diarrhea, and cleanse the blood (reducing the risk of heart attack).

Brewing Instructions:

TEMPERATURE: Pour 212°F water (that is, at the boiling point) over leaves.

 TIME: Rinse the nugget with boiling water. Steep for 1 minute.

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