Oolong Tea

The finest Oolong teas are hand-plucked in the spring and winter season in Southeast China and Taiwan (which was formerly known as Formosa, explaining why you might have heard of Formosa Oolong). The leaves are immediately processed after being picked. Processing is a combination of withering and a brief oxidation—approximately five hours under direct sunlight, with the leaves shaken in a large bamboo basket. As soon as the leaves begin giving off a distinctive fruit-like fragrance, this stage is halted.

Rolling by hand, or by the “crush, curl, tear” (C.T.C.) machine method, follows the withering stage. Firing is the last phase, with the baskets moved in and out of a charcoal fire’s flames. The resulting natural flavors can range from light and flowery to robust, sweet, and fruity. Oolong’s distinctive fragrance is sometimes compared to apples, orchids, or peaches.

Brewing Instructions:

TEMPERATURE: Pour 212°F water over the leaves.

 TIME: Steep Oolong tea for 3-4 minutes.

PLAIN-T’s Oolongs can be steeped at least three consecutive times. You may increase the brewing time after the third steeping.

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